Catama ( ねこマタ )

Catama – Autonomous intelligent cat

for iPhone, iPad app

Japanese here ( 日本語はこちら )


“Catama” is a cat-type robot that came from 22 century.

Human beings are troublesome to move by themselves, so that they leave everything to the robot, work, recreation and fighting by constructing logic.

Instructions to Catama is done by fitting “Logic panel” to “Logic board”.
By optimally place logic panel, manipulate so well Catama.

Rules are 4 types.

1.Move own unit to a specific position.
2.Beat all enemy units.
3.Number of own unit to more than a certain number.
4.Survive until after a specific period of time.

There are 32 single play stages.
And there are 16 VS stages.

Refine logic of Catama in single play stage. If you are fully confident, fight 16 VS stages with players from all over the world.

Logic panel has “Action Panel” and “Judge Panel”.


【update history】

1.2.0   2018/7/21 release

・Unlimited vs player.
・New vs stage “P”.

1.1.1   2018/3/22 release

・Log display adjustment on iPhoneX

1.1.0   2017/10/3 release

・iPhoneX support
・New stage 31 and 32
・UI has been improved
・Fixed a small bug

1.0.6   2017/5/16 release

・We fixed bug the opponent’s logic is visible when you play VS player after replaying the battle history.

1.0.5   2017/2/14 release

・Bug fix about logic panel “Copy” when the direction indication on the logic board is a specific condition.

1.0.4   2017/2/8 release

・Fixed the message display at the time of stage clear.

1.0.3   2017/1/27 release

・Adjustment of label display of winner and loser in VS history.

・Bug fix.

1.0.2   2017/1/24 release

・In VS history, the winner is now displayed as “Win”.

・Bug fix.

1.0.0   2016/12/24 release

・First version

ねこマタ – 猫型自律機械兵器

iPhone, iPad向けアプリ











1.2.0   2018/7/21 リリース


1.1.1   2018/3/22 リリース


1.1.0   2017/10/3 リリース


1.0.6   2017/5/16 リリース

・「VS Player」において、対戦履歴をリプレイしてから対戦を開始すると、対戦相手のロジックが見えてしまうことがある現象を対策しました。

1.0.5   2017/2/14 リリース


1.0.4   2017/2/8 リリース


1.0.3   2017/1/27 リリース



1.0.2   2017/1/24 リリース



1.0.0   2016/12/24 リリース